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NZ Thoroughbred Racing News Bulletin

NZ Thoroughbred Racing

Our e-mail marketing software (OptMail) is supplied to NZTR for their weekly News Bulletin. As part of the package, we designed a template to reflect their brand; to have the ability to send personalised e-mails; and to enable recipients to edit their subscription or unsubscribe. The template allows NZTR to add text, images, links and tables. The only branding is your own.

Tustin's Panel & Paint, Karori, Wellington

Tustin's Panel and Paint

Tustin's Panel and Paint are in the business of panel beating and painting damaged cars. The website is designed to reflect their brand, appeal to potential clients, and to be search engine friendly. The focus was on creating a customer-friendly website so that people looking for a collision repair shop, particularly in the Northern and Western suburbs of Wellington City would choose Tustin's.

Xcluder for pest proof fencing

Xcluder Pest Proof Fencing

Specialists in providing pest proof fencing solutions. Our work involved a revamp of the website, complete with a new look home page. It also involved making the site search engine friendly both from a code and content viewpoint. Additionally, the text was written to ensure that it was client-focused. As the website uses the content management system Joomla!, staff are now able to update its content.

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