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Marketing Budget Cut?

Whether it's a pandemic or a tough year sales-wise, the challenges of a reduced marketing budget can be troubling. So, what should a business do? Here are some actions to take even if your marketing budget is cut. 1) Talk to your clients Pick up the phone to talk to clients....
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We are now at Level One, which is basically business as usual, but in fact it’s not. Many argue that Covid-19 has impacted on NZ in a fundamental way & more change is inevitable. It’s a more Virtual World now. So, how might your firm respond from a marketing perspective?...
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Tips on how to run your business remotely

During these challenging times, we want to take a moment to wish you, your family and the team good health. Thanks to Covid 19, the Government is requiring all who can do so, to work from home. If you’ve not done so before, or for any length of time, it can be tricky, espe...
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Downward price pressures

Accountants are facing increasing challenges in the form of downward price pressure on their services. Today, for example, more and more people are using online accounting software that allows them to handle the bulk of their taxes online without having to worry about paying...
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