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Website Content Renewal

It's all too easy too put up a website and then largely forget about it. Or to add new content without removing the old. Yet the website is your biggest marketing tool. If you know:

  • the website's content is dated
  • business has changed
  • there's been a drop-off in website visitors
  • the generation of enquiries and leads is practically non-existent

Our Content Renewal Package is designed for busy people, particularly when a company doesn't have the time or resources to conduct a full renewal of the website's content.

New Content Creation

Creating content that generates enquiries and leads requires consideration of a host of things: From your target audience(s) and marketing message, to the structure of the contents, site navigation and the usability techniques, through to your sales and marketing activities, calls-to-action and the use of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques.

We'll visit you to talk about the business and marketing and sales activities, any frustrations with the website, and gain a general understanding of the industry you work in. Before we start any work on the website content we will analyse your website, and review your website statistics (such as Google Analytics) to provide recommendations to re-ignite the website's performance.

Website Copy that Works

Once we have an understanding of you business, your ideal website visitor, and of the services and products you are selling, along with an understanding of your marketing and selling activities we will create copy:

  • For each page (including a title and Meta description)
  • With a focus on benefits to the prospect
  • Structured to be easy to scan/read
  • Based around Google's SEO guidelines
  • That persuades the prospect to take the next step in your selling process

In addition to writing persuasive copy we also provide a sitemap and navigation recommendations to ensure website is information can be readily found by prospective clients.

Ignite your Website

Interested in igniting the lead-generating capability of your website?

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