Keeping in contact with existing clients
Sharing knowledge to attract new clients
Building a valuable relationship with clients

E-Mail Marketing

E-mails are the preferred means of communications for most businesses, putting content directly in front of clients, potential clients, suppliers and others interested in your business. Running an e-mail marketing campaign is the perfect solution to staying in touch and strengthening your business relationships.

By remaining in frequent contact, and sharing your knowledge and ideas you are maintaining business 'top of mind' awareness. E-mail marketing is ideal for:

  • Creating and sending e-newsletters
  • Sending reminders or a series of emails
  • Marketing your services and products
  • Promoting events and follow-up activities

Benefit from Our E-Mail Knowledge

Enhance your firm's ability to stay in regular touch with clients, prospects and others using our e-mail marketing service. Tap into our knowledge, skills and software to develop your e-mail marketing campaigns. We can:

  • Provide advice, training and support
  • Take care of the whole process
    (plan, write, manage and track. Using your preferred software or our own)
  • Provide the e-mail marketing software*

* The software provided contains a number of customisable templates and the ability to send e-newsletters, promote events, send reminders etc. in a personal way. The software is free from any branding other than your own.

Staying in Contact

If you are excited about the possibilities of e-mail marketing to attract new clients and keep in regular contact with existing clients and others with an interest in your company please contact us on (04) 383 8086.