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OptMail® - the tool for delivering client value

Looking to self-manage your email marketing? Our email marketing software (OptMail®) contains the tools you need to deliver additional value to clients, newsletter subscribers and others interested in your business. Keep in contact with potential clients, existing clients, members, shareholders and suppliers. OptMail® is a fast, cost-effective way of communicating with large numbers of people in a personalised manner. What’s more, OptMail® comes free from any branding, other than your firms.

Deliver Value – From the Client’s Perspective

E-mail marketing software for New Zealand firms and organisations. Use the email software to generate sales leads, membership leads and nurture existing clients and members:

  • Maintain Relationships with people interested in receiving your e-newsletters and ultimately your services
  • Distribute Educational Content. Establish your company as an industry leader to become a trusted partner
  • Promote Events to obtain maximum exposure with all and sundry
  • Share Successes - everyone loves to do business with a successful organisation
  • Re-Establish Contact with past clients

Create beneficial relationships with your target audience. Measure your email marketing success with ease.

If time and resources are a consideration, we will create and send your newsletters. We can manage the email marketing campaigns for your firm.

The OptMail advantage

Self-mange your email marketing by signing up to use our email marketing software, OptMail®. We provide you with:

  • The ability to send:
    • Newsletters and marketing campaigns
    • Automated emails
    • Transactional emails (triggered by specific events, date, etc.)
  • A selection of easily customisable templates
  • Free from any branding other than your own
  • A Cheat Sheet to kick-start your use of OptMail
  • Well documented online help
  • Free telephone and e-mail support (especially during set-up)

A free OptMail trial

Not sure? Perhaps, you would like to take the email marketing software for a free, no obligation spin.

  • It’s easy to use
  • We’ll provide you with the Cheat Sheet to kick-start your use of OptMail
  • There’s free telephone and email support
  • There’s no request for your credit card details
  • Set-up is free of charge
  • Access all features and functionality of the software

Trialling is all free. You get full access to all the features outlined above under the OptMail advantage heading. You only pay when you decide to use the bulk email system in earnest.

All we need is your name, business email address and the name of the firm. We will take it from there.

Your free email marketing software trial

Start your newsletter or email campaigns today
No time limit
No credit card required

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A helping hand

Should you need a helping hand with: creating copy, customising a template, setting up the database, determining how to best go about using email marketing to promote your business and services, we offer an Email Marketing Consulting service.

Email marketing software fees

Set-up costs for the self-managed email marketing software – none.
(But you will need to use your credit card details once you decide to use the bulk email system in earnest.)

Mail-out fee. This varies. The more emails sent per newsletter/campaign (mail-out), the lower the unit cost per recipient. For example: sending a newsletter out to:

  • 500 recipients will cost $29
  • 5,000 recipients will cost $164

Note. All prices are plus GST.

Sounds interesting?

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