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A Tool for Delivering Client Value

Our e-mail marketing software (OptMail®) contains the tools you need to deliver additional value to your clients and members. Keep in contact with potential clients, existing clients, members, shareholders and suppliers. OptMail® is a fast, cost-effective way of communicating with large numbers of people in a personalised manner. What’s more, OptMail® comes free from any branding, other than your firms.

Deliver Value – From the Client’s Perspective

E-mail marketing software for New Zealand firms and organisations. Use the software to generate sales leads, membership leads and nurture existing clients and members:

  • Maintain Relationships with people interested in receiving your e-newsletters and ultimately your services
  • Distribute Educational Content. Establish your company as an industry leader to become a trusted partner
  • Promote Events to obtain maximum exposure with all and sundry
  • Share Successes - everyone loves to do business with a successful organisation
  • Re-Establish Contact with past clients

Create beneficial relationships with your target audience. Measure your marketing success with ease.

If time and resources are a consideration, we will create and send your newsletters. We can conduct your email marketing campaigns for your firm.

The OptMail Advantage

When you sign up with OptMail® we provide you with:

  • A Free Trial
  • The ability to send:
    • Newsletters and marketing campaigns
    • Automated emails (triggered by specific events, date, etc.)
  • A selection of easily customisable templates
  • Free from any branding other than your own
  • Well documented online help
  • A Cheat Sheet to kick-start your use of OptMail
  • Free telephone and e-mail support

Email Marketing Software Fees

Set-up costs - none. The mail-out fee varies. The more emails sent per campaign (mail out), the lower the unit cost per recipient. For example: sending a mail out to:

  • 500 recipients will cost $29
  • 5,000 recipients will cost $164

Note. All prices are plus GST.

Sounds Interesting?

Contact us today. Let's explore how to use this powerful e-mail marketing tool to grow your business.