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Difficult to Attract New Clients?

Trust in business firms is falling

Indeed, in New Zealand overall trust in business is only 47%.

Don't let this lack of trust spill over into your accounting business!

Create an engaging website that magnetises new clients. Download our guide for establishing trust on your website:

  1. Engage with your target audience as they arrive at the website
  2. Be asked to keep in touch with potential clients

Turn Website Visitors Into Clients

Discover how to WOO potential clients when they visit your website. Use 3 simple (but little used) marketing tactics. Gain the knowledge required to turn visitors into clients.

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Below is a selection of marketing blog posts for accounting firms. These will assist with your online marketing. If you decide that you would rather have these marketing tips sent directly to your inbox each month, sign up for our MarketingMail newsletter.

Tips on how to attract more than your “fair share” of new clients

Do you want to stand out as an accounting* practice? Most want to dominate, to be the “go-to” practice of choice, but it's not as easy as one may think! This is why it is time to look at whatRead more

Five Tips on Reusing Content to Maximise Its Value

Content marketing is one of the best ways to generate traffic to your website. That being said, consistently creating new content can get tiresome and expensive. Luckily, there are ways to repurposeRead more

Content Marketing for Accountants

Traditional marketing avenues such as radio, TV, newspaper and magazines are becoming less and less effective! It is now considered somewhat old hat, rote and even boring. Audiences today areRead more

11 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Accounting Firm

One of the top challenges for accounting firms and other professional service firms, is that of finding and acquiring talent. As many surveys show, there’s a shortage of skilled talent. Your firm Read more

Sales Leads - Now What?

Our job is to generate sales leads. Which sounds great, as we all need leads. When we have too many leads or too much work, why then we can be picky! The question is though, what is a sales lead?Read more

How To Re-establish Contact With Past Clients

As we all know, it’s easier and cheaper to do business with existing clients than it is to find and sell to new clients. Yet what about past clients? The ones you have worked with but have lostRead more

Building Confidence And Trust

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about the word, marketing? Like many people, you probably think about improving sales, leads or business in general sense. The fact of tRead more

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