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Turn Website Visitors Into Clients

Discover how to WOO potential clients when they visit your website. Use 3 simple (but little used) marketing tactics. Gain the knowledge required to turn visitors into clients.

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Below is a selection of marketing blog posts for service firms looking to get that marketing edge. If you decide that you would rather have these marketing tips sent directly to your inbox each month, sign up for our MarketingMail newsletter.

Stressing over Finding Newsletter Content Ideas? …here’s how to easily find content ideas to spark the imagination

Is the task of finding newsletter content ideas causing stress? Discover a multitude of sources to spark the imagination. When creating newsletters, blog or items for LinkedIn posts and articles,Read more

Emailing Your Way to Success

Based on our experience, we look at the five essential steps for creating a successful email. Be it a single email, a enewsletter or part of an email marketing campaign. Email is a most effectiveRead more

Measuring the Success of Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn gives you access to several key metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your networking cum marketing efforts on the social media platform. Profile visits, searches you appeared in,Read more

Measuring the Success of Your LinkedIn Activites

Success on LinkedIn depends on the goals set and on how your market yourself. For many, LinkedIn is used as an electronic business card. But it can be much more than that. The possibilities include: Read more

Actions to Take When Your Marketing Budget Is Cut

Whether it's a pandemic or a tough year sales-wise, the challenges of a reduced marketing budget can be troubling. So, what should a business do? Here are some actions to take even if yourRead more

Using LinkedIn to find your next career

Thanks to Covid-19, job insecurity is on the rise with redundancies increasing as businesses retrench or even fail. Willing or otherwise, will you become a jobseeker? We have put together a few tips Read more

Potential Income from Re-Establishing Contact with Previous Clients

Covid-19 is causing financial pressure. Re-establishing contact with previous clients, will re-igniting your sales leads & income. This is easier and cheaper than looking for new clients. But how to Read more

Marketing Under Our “New Normal"

We are now at Level One, which is basically business as usual, but in fact it’s not. Many argue that Covid-19 has impacted on NZ in a fundamental way & more change is inevitable. It’s a moreRead more

When did you last update your LinkedIn Profile?

Make your profile effective – give it some zing! But before revamping your profile, may I suggest, you spend a moment or to consider as to why you have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can help you andRead more

How to use the LinkedIn Search Facility

LinkedIn is the largest business focussed search engine around. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do a quick search on LinkedIn, and then, using Refine Search, constantly optimise the results. So, ifRead more

Covid-19: Tips on running your business remotely

During these challenging times, we want to take a moment to wish you, your family and the team good health. Thanks to Covid 19, the Government is requiring all who can do so, to work from home. IfRead more

Building Confidence in Your Business: With Staff Photographs

Most websites contain an About Us section, which includes information about the firm's staff. An essential part of the staff biography is the staff photograph. Often neglected or even ignore byRead more

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