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Content marketing is no more

Optimum Marketing, is no longer involved with content marketing. Rather the owner, Pierre Woolridge has branched out and has written a New Zealand specific book on governance: Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance.

A Governance book for new committee members & directors of not-for-profits

I’ve written a  book, Getting to grips with not-for-profit governance. It provides essential guidance for new and aspiring committee members and board directors on incorporated societies and charities. It is the first printed NZ-specific book on governance on sale to the public for years.

I’ve based the book on my decades of experience. Like many, I started out on a school board, before contributing to a variety of not-for-profit boards and committees as a director, committee member, trustee, chair, and treasurer.

Deryck Shaw, Director and Chair, MNZM CFIoD, says: “In reading this book you will get practical wisdom and insights that will assist you in your director’s journey.”

Check out the Effective Governance website for details. The website includes a Free exceprt of the book - found near the bottom of the book page and there are discounts for bulk orders.

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