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Sales Leads - Now What?

Our job is to generate sales leads. Which sounds great, as we all need leads. When we have too many leads or too much work, why then we can be picky!

The question is though, what is a sales lead?

So, What’s a Sales Leads?
Sales leads are those people/businesses who have expressed some form of interest in your firm and who may eventually become a client. LinkedIn connections, visitors to your website who complete an online form, people who attended a workshop, the exchange of business cards, people who engage via social media including LinkedIn posts are all forms of sales leads.

Using the Phone Book 
If you are not managing your sales leads, then the results are probably little better than using the phone book to do a spot of cold calling!

Tepid Through to Hot Sales Leads
In my experience, the quality of the sales leads varies. This has led me to grade leads into four categories (Tepid, Luke Warm, Warm, and Hot). So, for example, an exchange of business cards, is, generally speaking, a tepid lead. Whereas a meeting with a potential client seems pretty warm, if not hot, to me.

Building a Relationship
Your sales leads will, more often than not, need to be nurtured as most people are just not ready to buy from you at the moment. Lead nurturing is about building a relationship with your prospects, improving sales opportunities.

Maintaining a relationship is critical for ensuring sales opportunities aren’t lost over time. Email newsletters, email campaigns and networking on LinkedIn are great ways of keeping a relationship warm and for moving people along the sales pipeline to the point where they are ready to buy from you.

The end goal of all this activity, is to make a sale

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