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When did you last update your LinkedIn Profile?

Why do you have a LinkedIn Profile?

Make your profile effective – give it some zing! But before revamping your profile, may I suggest, you spend a moment or to consider as to why you have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn can help you and your business to grow and succeed in any one or more of these areas:

  • Find highly targeted leads to nurture and sell to
  • Networking with ‘thought leaders’
  • Becoming recognised as an Expert in your field
  • Industry research and monitoring
  • Opportunities where you can find the next job
  • Search for new employees to hire
  • Locate new businesses to partner

Deciding it’s all of the above, is not a good idea, as it risks diluting effort. But by all means, select two or three objectives for yourself and say a similar number for the business profile. Make sure you list them in order of priority. In our experience, and we started using Linking way back in 2006, there’s no problem in selecting the same objective for both profiles - “Becoming recognised as an Expert in your field” is an obvious one.

Updating your LinkedIn Profile

Think of your LinkedIn personal profile as a mini website promoting and representing your business career and ambitions. LinkedIn is the modern equivalent of an electronic business card, Curriculum Vitae and photo all rolled into one easily to locate, online searchable profile...

To help with updating and optimising your LinkedIn profile, we have crafted a:

7 Step LinkedIn Profile Checklist

About - It’s a trap!

My favourite step in the Profile Checklist relates to About. In LinkedIn, there’s a section simply headed About. It’s a trap. Although the individual profile is about you, don’t be fooled. It’s not about you, but about your ideal client - as in your potential client. Focus on their problems and on how you can help them be even more successful! By-the-way, we recommend that you write in the first person allowing your personality to come through.

Accessing the Checklist

Here’s the link to the Linked Profile Checklist. Fill in the form (full name, email address, and remember to click on the tick-box to be sent further articles on ways to move my business forward) and it’s yours to download.