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Covid-19: Tips on running your business remotely

Tips on how to run your business remotely

During these challenging times, we want to take a moment to wish you, your family and the team good health.

Thanks to Covid 19, the Government is requiring all who can do so, to work from home. If you’ve not done so before, or for any length of time, it can be tricky, especially as we are now in Level 4.

Suitable software for business

I use a website platform called Rocketspark when creating websites for clients to self-manage. The firm is based in Cambridge, NZ. They have been “running a remote working practice run with the team…”. More to the point they have “written a blog with practical tips on remote working where we cover the tools we use to make remote working run smooth”. So, if you are wondering what tools you might use to run your business remotely this blog is a great start.

How to work from home like a pro

It’s all very well, working from home. But there are a few things that you and your staff can do, to make sure working from home, does indeed work for all concerned. Another firm with whom I have an association with is Axon Garside. They have posted a blog, slightly tongue-in-the-cheek, containing  “some top tips on how to work from home like a pro.” 

Marketing to those firms working remotely

“It’s business as usual. However, due to Covid 19, our office is closed with the team working remotely from their homes. The team is contactable on their extension, and via email. For general enquiries please phone 04 383 8086 or send an email to enquiries@optimummarketing.co.nz

How many times will you see a notice like that? As an aside, has such a notice been placed on your website? For many firms, it’s business as usual except the physical location and possibly time has moved from the office to the home office. 

The question, is how to adjust creatively to survive the next four weeks and beyond.

How a business treats it's marketing can make or break them. In these tough times, the re-allocation of the marketing budget might be a good idea, cutting back or even stopping marketing is not.

Now is a good time to communicate with clients, suppliers, shareholders, and potential clients. Even if the email is simply to inform, whether or not it is "business as usual".

We can help you with that

If you want a hand with sending a personal email to “all and sundry” we can help you with that. Check out our email marketing service and then contact us.

To discover how to ramp up other aspects of digital marketing, please explore our website. Let us know if we can help you navigate your business through these challenging times. 

As the ANZ said in one of its recent economic newsletters “It’s going to be a year to remember, for all the wrong reasons. Kia kaha.”