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11 Ways to Attract Top Talent to Your Accounting Firm

One of the top challenges for accounting firms and other professional service firms, is that of finding and acquiring talent. As many surveys show, there’s a shortage of skilled talent.

Your firm can begin to address this challenge by considering the impact the brand is having on attracting new staff to the business. Your brand differentiates the firm from its competitors, even when your services and products do not.

The Brand Makes or Breaks Attempts to Attract Talent

What’s the first thing you do when you want more information? You hop online. The same goes for potential talent. Once they become aware of your firm, off they go to check out the firm via its website. As you know, like it or not, first impressions count.

The ultimate purpose of a brand is to establish trust in your firm: to make your firm stand out from the crowd. A good looking, user-friendly website, with great content, goes a long way in attracting talent.

The Firm’s Website is a Visual Manifestation of the Brand

To have your website to reflect the brand, here are a few suggestions to improve your ability to recruit new talent.

  • Make sure the logo clearly differentiates the firm and represents who you are
  • Consider if the website says, ‘up-to-date’ or ‘out-of-date’
  • Ensure you have a modern looking, professional designed website
  • Provide staff biographies and a photograph
  • Make use of a professional photographer for staff photographs
  • Place your main telephone number at the top right of each page for ease of contact
  • Ensure the copyright date is current
  • Provide full contact details: phone number(s), physical and postal address, and an e-mail address (forms are optional)
  • Supply testimonials from client
  • Include a 'list' of clients and the type of work done for them
  • In the About Us section include the organisation’s values, mission and history 

Winning the Talent Wars
With the right branding and associated website, your organisation can acquire that hard to find talent, as well as attract potential clients, generate leads and boost sales.

There are many opportunities for your firm to improve its ability to attract and retain top talent via its brand and its website. Furthermore, what’s applicable for the website also carries over to your company LinkedIn profile and business Facebook page.

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