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Growing Your Business Using LinkedIn

On the Road to LinkedIn Success

On the Road to LinkedIn Success

Being Passive on LinkedIn is Not an Option. Not if you want to expand your influence and develop your network for the good of the business. So, here are a "couple" of LinkedIn tips.

Why Did You Join LinkedIn?

I’m sure that many of you joined LinkedIn just because others were (I know I did). I created my profile thinking - that wasn’t too hard and that, I’ve now got a social media presence I soon learnt that being passive on LinkedIn is not really an option if you are looking to network with other business people.

Main Source of Connections

Initially, my main source of connections was by way of asking business people that I met to join me on LinkedIn. An effective, but slow way of growing my network. But I knew that LinkedIn could be much more than a modern-day business card. Having spent some time and effort on LinkedIn; updating my profile, creating a company profile, posting articles and asking LinkedIn people to connect, I’ve been successfully growing my business.

That’s Not Very Informative!

Tip 1. On the road to LinkedIn success, if I might call it that, I discovered that most people use their professional title in the Headline area at the top of the profile page. However, the phrase say, ‘Managing Director’ isn’t very informative. The professional headline area gives you 120 characters to play with. This gives you scope to have a headline created with your prospects in mind. Mine for example is ‘Digital Marketer: Website Design | LinkedIn Marketing | Email Marketing… Here’s to Your Online Marketing Success!’ It contains keywords for the search engines (LinkedIn, Google, Bing et al)  to retrieve and informs people as to what I do.

Showcasing Your Business

Tip 2. Once you have a LinkedIn profile, consider, if you haven't already done so, creating a company profile/page. As LinkedIn notes ‘A LinkedIn Company Page helps others learn more about your business, brand, products and services, and job opportunities.’ To create a Company Page: click the Work icon in the top right corner of your homepage. Then select Create a Company Page, and you are underway to showcasing your business. Mind you, only one person can establish the company page, although employees can be linked to that page.

Drawing People’s Attention to Your Profile

Tip 3. Make sure your public profile link/address (which can be found by Google) is informative – not one generated by LinkedIn. My public LinkedIn profile is www.linkedin.com/in/pierrewool... Once you have an individual profile add it to your email signature.

Building Your Business Network

If you’d like a hand with building your network on LinkedIn and/or developing business opportunities via LinkedIn please phone 04 383 8086 and ask for Pierre Woolridge.