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Building Confidence in Your Business: Start with Good Staff Bio's

Including Good Staff Biographies

It is up to you if your firm includes an area on the team in the About Us section of the website. Before making that decision you might like to consider:

  • About Us pages are one of the most popular pages on any business website
  • People like to do business with people they can relate to especially in the business-2-business and service sectors
  • Some people prefer to do business with small firms
  • It is not necessary to include all staff on the website, especially if it is a large organisation

What's a Well-Crafted Bio Worth to You?

Bios are often very formal, written the third person, listing qualifications and achievements, and including tertiary institutions attended. But is this what potential clients want to read? Or are they more interested in knowing which staff member can help them solve their problem and who they may be able to develop rapport with? Developing a relationship with a client is a key part of growing your business.

If a well-crafted bio can help you land one more client this year, what would that be worth to you? What about a handful of new clients? A well-crafted bio is all part of building trust and confidence; helping visitors to connect with people they may be doing business with.

A Few Suggestions

If you do decide to add staff bios to the website:

  • Make your staff bios interesting (We can help with this)
  • People like to have a personal element in a bio, and to know something
    about the work staff do.
  • It can be useful to follow a standard format for each bio, but it's not essential. Just make sure the
    bios all work cohesively together.
  •  Include only photographs taken by a professional
  • You may even want to think about video clip bios. They are increasingly popular
  • Update your bios regularly -  at least once a year
  • Write in the first person, allowing your personality to come through

As always, if you want assistance getting an even better About Us section of your website, we can help.