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Building Confidence in Your Business: With Staff Photographs

Photographs gain immediate attention

Most websites contain an About Us section, which includes information about the firm's staff. An essential part of the staff biography is the staff photograph. Often neglected or even ignore by firms, it is worth noting that a photograph gains immediate attention and has the ability to be more engaging than plain text.

Crafting the Firm's Image

How you present your firm online is important to winning new clients and attracting top staff. The purpose of a staff bio is about building trust and confidence and helping visitors to connect with people they may be doing business with. Staff photographs are an essential part of this process.

Recommendations for Staff Photos

Based on our observations and analysis of staff pages, we offer these recommendations for your consideration when next updating staff bios:

  1.  Hire a professional photographer to ensure a consistent quality in the photos (there's nothing more distracting and image damaging than amateurish photos)
  2. Consider replacing the traditional head and shoulders image complete with a plain background, with one that ties in more with the bio itself. For example,
    • Lawyer-in-action (at work, in court, meeting a client)
    • Lawyer-away-from-work (reflecting a personal aspect of life as noted in the bio)
  3. Instead of using a square or rectangular photo consider a round image
  4. Make use of a relaxed look by wearing less formal attire e.g. a photo without the person wearing a jacket
  5. The image portrayed in the photograph is important. So do you want to look:
    • Important and confident (gravitas)?
    • Assured and approachable?
    • Energetic and enthusiastic?
  6. Markets change, personnel change, fashions change. So update your staff photos every 1 - 2 years (the staff bios should be reviewed annually)
  7. Seek a discussion with an image consultant or at least talk to your professional photographer about the type of clothes to wear. Mind you, the photo needs viewers to focus on your face - not your attire

As always, if you want assistance with your firm's website image, or its ability to deliver, give me a phone call or drop me an e-mail.