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Measuring the Success of Your LinkedIn Profile

Measuring Success on LinkedIn: Part One

LinkedIn gives you access to several key metrics for tracking the effectiveness of your networking cum marketing efforts on the social media platform. Profile visits, searches you appeared in, endorsements and recommendations, plus connection requests by others are some of the metrics available.

Once your personal profile is in place, we recommend you track these metrics:

1. Profile Visits

The primary purpose of using LinkedIn is to be seen by your existing contacts as well as a wider network of potential prospects. You can achieve this by searching and sending personalised invitation requests or by simply posting content.

A good indicator of the success of your LinkedIn profile is the number of profile views received. The higher the number, the better as it means that many people are interested in learning more about you. Having a growing number of profile views also indicates that the quality of your content and level of engagement are growing too.

2. Searches You Appeared In

The number of searches that you appeared in helps you determine whether people can find you on LinkedIn. The number usually increases when the words in your profile match those people enter into the search box.

You might not know who is looking for you, but you still have to be available and visible so that they can find and connect with you. Identify keywords critical to being found in your industry and ensure that your profile is full of them.

3. Endorsements and Recommendations by Others

You can easily assess the success of your LinkedIn profile by checking the number of recommendations that colleagues, clients, or employees write about you. It is a powerful way to display your work ethic and business savvy, as well as to highlight your accomplishment.

Your overall number of endorsements is not very important. However, the number of endorsements for your most important skills is very important, particularly the top 3 since they are the only ones that people will be seeing when they check out your profile.

4. Connection Requests by Others to You

The more active you are on LinkedIn i.e. getting involved in group discussions, consistently posting helpful updates, and sharing other people’s posts, the more connection invitations you will most likely receive.

What you do outside LinkedIn i.e. speaking, blogging, networking in person, etc. can lead to a higher number of people wanting to stay, or become connected to you via the LinkedIn network.

Note. Click here to see the set of metrics to use when you are looking to expand your influence and impact on LinkedIn.

Profile Review

We have developed a LinkedIn Profile Review that is aimed at those who are currently looking to make the most of their LinkedIn profile - even if it’s only “1/2” complete.

The Review looks at your public profile to see where you are making use of ‘best practice’ techniques and to discover any roadblocks to having an outstanding profile.

All we need, is the LinkedIn generated PDF of your profile